Defence and Law Enforcement

INVENTA PRO LTD. is enlisted organization in DGDP (Directorate General of Defense Purchase of Bangladesh) under Ministry of Defense and supplies all types of machineries and services to Bangladesh Navy, Army, Air Force and Law enforcement organizations like Police, RAB (Rapid Action Battalion), SSF (Special Security Force), CID (Criminal Investigation Department), SB (Special branch) & DB (Detective Branch) with a great reputation.

INVENTA PRO LIMITED supplies the following items to Bangladesh Defense and Law Enforcement Organizations:

Defense Sector

  • Surveillance Radar
  • VSAT
  • IFF (Identification of Friends and Foe) System
  • Inflatable Bridge
  • Rigid Hauling Inflatable Boat and Survey Boat
  • Survey Boat
  • Tank
  • Bomb Disposal Sets and EOD sets
  • Ground Penetration Radar
  • Mobile Hydraulic Crane
  • Excavator
  • Tractor Dozer, Bull Dozer, Chain Dozer, Wheel Dozer
  • Motor Grader
  • Fork Lift
  • Pay Loader
  • Marine and Industrial Generator
  • Fire Track
  • Drum Truck
  • Truck Water and Truck Tanker
  • Mobility Heavy Duty Cargo, Troop Carrie and Chassis
  • Parachute
  • Binocular

Law Enforcement & Inelegance Organizations:

  • Armored Personal Carrier (APC),
  • Internet Surface Security System
  • Backscatter Scanner
  • Mobile Jammer (GSM/CDMA)
  • Riot Control Vehicle
  • Crowd Control Vehicle
  • Pepper Ball GunĀ 
  • Wrecker
  • Bomb Detector
  • Voice Analyzer and Face Detector
  • Archway Metal Detector
  • Handy Metal Detector