INVENTA PRO LTD. took a magnificent initiative by adding Export Department. Having its trained R&D team INVENTA PRO LTD. provide complete export solution to its international clients. We mainly work with following products for export:


Jute – A rain fed crop which is cultivated mainly in the Bengal Delta, mainly occupied by Bangladesh. Jute fibers are extracted from plants through various stages such as retting, stripping, washing and drying. The color of jute varies from light tan to brown and it can be easily bleached or dyed.

We provide:

  • Jute Yarn, Jute Mat, Jute Net, Twine, Rope, Jute Felt, Twill Bags, Hessian Bag, Jute Fabric, Jute Tape, Jute Scrim Cloth, Hessian Cloth, Potato Bag, Onion Bag, Sugar Bag, Coffee bag, Rice, Wheat Bag, Gunny Bag, Wall Covering Cloth, Jute Shopping Bag, Jute gift bags, ladies bags,   Jute wine bags, etc.


The leather industry occupies a place of prominence in the BANGLADESH economy in view of its massive potential for employment, growth and exports. There has been an increasing emphasis on its planned development, aimed at optimum utilization of available raw materials for maximizing the returns, particularly from exports.  The exports of leather and leather products gained momentum during the past two decades. We promise to deliver finest quality leather goods from Bangladesh as per client requirement. 

Our Dedicated Export team always looking for new opportunity to expose our products worldwide. Our Leather Products are (But not Limited to)- Belt, Executive/Laptop bag, Key bag, key Chain, Ladies bag, Ladies Purse, Leather Jacket, Leather Work Gloves, Money Bag/Wallet, Passport Cover, Mobile Cover and any other customized products ordered by clients.

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