Welcome To inventa Pro Limited

INVENTA PRO LIMITED is a Private Limited Company incorporated at 15th January 2003 which deals business with great reputation worldwide. Our key business is:


  • Supply all kinds of Machinery, Equipment and Chemicals in Oil & Gas Industries
  • Supply Machinery and Equipment to Bangladesh Defense (Army, Navy & Air Force) and Law Enforcement Organization of Bangladesh (Police, RAB, SSF, SB, CID & DB).
  • Trading with Refined Petroleum Products, Fuel,  Aluminum Ingot, Copper Cathode, Metal Scrap, Milk Powder, Cement, Fertilizer.
  • Export all kinds of Jute and Leather Products
  • Engineering and Consulting Services in Oil and Gas Industries


The Managing Director of the company is Mr. Md. Akhtar Hossain who is an intellectual, cooperative and most dedicated person in Bangladesh Business Communities.

Our product

Oil And Gas

Defence and Law Enforcement



Support & Service